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The Bridges at  Edinburg
2021 readers choice medal NORIBBONVoted Best Assisted Living Home in McAllen
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5208 S Sugar Rd
Edinburg, TX 78539
5208 S Sugar Rd
Edinburg, TX 78539
2021 readers choice medal NORIBBONVoted Best Assisted Living Home in McAllen


Sherri Traylor

My mother is staying there after living with us for three years. Great, caring staff, lots of activities and good food. The rooms are large and homey. The place does not have that nursing home smell, very clean.

Bob and Brenda Regan

After my daddy passed away my mama was unable to stay in their home because of beginning dementia. We helped her sell her home and move to our home in Mission. She wasn’t completely happy loosing her independence and she felt she was a burden to us. She absolutely was not! She is the sweetest person in the world. But she was declining and I knew after a year at our house it was time for something better for mama. We were so fortunate to be told about The Bridges of Edinburg. Mama was moved in within a week of our visit. The change in her demeanor is remarkable. She feels this is her home now! She is kept busy doing all kinds of arts and crafts and exercises to just name a few of their activities. And not sporadically either! Everyday but Sunday! And don’t get me started on their food! My husband would love to eat every meal with mama. It’s chef made and delicious and served in style to the residents on tables decorated beautifully. All we can say to anyone about a loved one who needs a home with love and attention is look no further than The Bridges of Edinburg.

Sherre York

So very thankful I have my husband here. I appreciate all the staff, managers, director and owners. I show up all different times and different days and am always greeted with smiles and hugs. When you walk inside it reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen. Something is always cooking and smelling great! Always clean and caring. The activity people have good games and crafts. My husband is in good hands here. They make sure he gets to all his doctors appointments. All his meds are given when he needs them. They keep track of all of it. This has been a true blessing for my husband and me.

Bertha Cantu

After 3+ years of Mom making her home at the Bridges of Edinburg, I’d like to share some observations. First, we couldn’t possibly have found a second home for her staffed with more caring , capable people, who have very much become her extended family! Secondly, the flexibility we have in decorating/ redecorating Mom’s room in order to give her something new to look at each month, is more important to her comfort and pleasure than we ever imagined. Finally, the wide variety of activities offered to residents at the Bridges keep them socially, physically and mentally sharper!

Basil Huston

My mother spent the last five years of her life at the Bridges. They were happy years. The staff and management are outstanding. Mom was loved and cared for in a wonderful way. She participated in the many activities offered by the Bridges and this truly became her home in her last years. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home for a loved one.

Manny Saenz

My father has been a resident at The Bridges in Edinburg since March of 2019, after my mother suffered a terrible accident at their home. Unfortunately, we lost my mom on April 10. The staff at The Bridges has been wonderful to our Dad and to us. The Bridges was highly recommended to us by a close friend of the family and we are very happy knowing that our father is happy there. Assisted living comes with a price tag; but, knowing that our loved one is receiving the best of care is priceless. We recommend The Bridges.

The Aguirre Family

“It gives us such comfort to know Mom is safe and well taken care of at The Bridges. She loves the activities they offer. They have a way of bringing her great joy. We do not think of them as “the staff”. They are an extension of our family, and we are so grateful.”

Mrs. Dee

First of all, The Bridges at Edinburg is on one floor, that helps. This is wonderful. We have a little garden out there, it’s nice to look at it from inside, but I can go out and get in it. I like the water fountains. People, it’s a pretty damn place for people. The people who live here, and the people who work here. It’s a great place to be. We get three great meals a day, plus the ice cream and desserts. We get church, it comes to us, and I’m so pleased. We have entertainment, like the birds. We have things that make us feel alive. The staff knows how to bring out the young parts of us. I feel safe, the family feels safe. There’s enough room here to move around, there are enough things to do. I’m quite content, it is so comfortable in here.

Ruby Neely

I like the respect and privacy that the staff gives me. They are always there when I need them. I love the Circle of Joy. I believe it is neat to exercise, sing and share my feelings at each session.

Thelma Harris

“I love the friendly people and how they are interested in all of my concerns. I love winning at bingo. I have found the staff very helpful. They are not pushy meaning if I don’t want to participate in an event, they don’t make me. We have a lot of activities here at the Bridges. We are kind of like a city within a city!