Bob and Brenda Regan – The Bridges at Edinburg
The Bridges at Edinburg

Bob and Brenda Regan

After my daddy passed away my mama was unable to stay in their home because of beginning dementia. We helped her sell her home and move to our home in Mission. She wasn’t completely happy loosing her independence and she felt she was a burden to us. She absolutely was not! She is the sweetest person in the world. But she was declining and I knew after a year at our house it was time for something better for mama. We were so fortunate to be told about The Bridges of Edinburg. Mama was moved in within a week of our visit. The change in her demeanor is remarkable. She feels this is her home now! She is kept busy doing all kinds of arts and crafts and exercises to just name a few of their activities. And not sporadically either! Everyday but Sunday! And don’t get me started on their food! My husband would love to eat every meal with mama. It’s chef made and delicious and served in style to the residents on tables decorated beautifully. All we can say to anyone about a loved one who needs a home with love and attention is look no further than The Bridges of Edinburg.

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