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  • Mrs. Dee

    Mrs. Dee

    First of all, The Bridges at Edinburg is on one floor, that helps. This is wonderful. We have a little garden out there, it’s nice to look at it from inside, but I can go out and get in it. I like the water fountains. People, it’s a pretty damn place for people. The people…

  • Ruby Neely

    Ruby Neely

    I like the respect and privacy that the staff gives me. They are always there when I need them. I love the Circle of Joy. I believe it is neat to exercise, sing and share my feelings at each session.

  • Thelma Harris

    Thelma Harris

    “I love the friendly people and how they are interested in all of my concerns. I love winning at bingo. I have found the staff very helpful. They are not pushy meaning if I don’t want to participate in an event, they don’t make me. We have a lot of activities here at the Bridges.…

  • Beverly Bowel

    Beverly Bowel

    I returned to The Bridges at Edinburg when I realized that I did need assistance, my mind changed and I knew I was at the right place. I love the staff in here and the things that I can do. I hope I can stay a long time. It´s just so perfect, it´s a little…

  • Dr. Ron & Lou Ann Smith

    Dr. Ron & Lou Ann Smith

    I remember the day that the doctors told me that my mother could no longer live by herself. When mother was released from the hospital, we took her to “The Bridges at Edinburg” and placed her in their care. At first, Margie Smith did not want to be there. She wanted to go home! It…

  • Tony Aguirre

    Tony Aguirre

    Since I arrived here, I’ve been very happy. The people I live with are very friendly and always want to help. I remember how wonderful I felt at our Easter celebration, there I was, standing at the Piñata with a stick in my hand and everybody began shouting, “Tony, Tony!” to bring it down. This…

  • Daughters of Ida Germain

    Daughters of Ida Germain

    Not being a native to the area when it came time to find our 96 year old mom a new, safe place to live, it was a bit daunting. With the help of the internet and the newspaper we decided to tour the “Bridges at Edinburg”. We were so pleased on our first visit that…

  • Anna Peterson

    Anna Peterson

    Here at The Bridges at Edinburg, the staff is very nice and friendly. The food is very good and tasty. When I’m not feeling well, they take good care of me, but at the same time they respect my privacy when I don’t want to be bothered. It is very good to be here! It’s…

  • Dionicio Villarreal

    Dionicio Villarreal

    My favorite part about living at The Bridges is the personalities, everything feels personal around here, everyone is so wonderful. My favorite is Angie, she’s the best. I feel like she knows everyone everywhere, she brings the most fun for us, and I love it. Everyone always has time to listen.

  • Norman Pfeffer

    Norman Pfeffer

    I like living at The Bridges because the staff is very accommodating, the place is very comfortable, and there are plenty of places to be at within the facility. I also like that there are plenty of activities each day where we get to exercise, sing, and create art.