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The Bridges at Edinburg

Alzheimer’s disease assisted living in McAllen, TX – The Bridges at Edinburg

Our approach to Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimers Assisted Living

The goal of The Bridges is to help our residents maintain their quality of life for as long as possible by utilizing daily socialization activities, cognitive exercises, & the latest technology in Alzheimer’s Assisted Living.

Socialization Activities

  • There are at least 2 daily activities 7 days a week that focus on bringing the residents together in a structured social environment. In addition, residents will typically gather in the various living rooms to chat and visit with one another.

Cognitive Exercises

  • Every day there are 2-hour morning & afternoon cognitive exercises for all of our residents including those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. These activities include everything from quizzes & word games to singing & visual arts like painting and drawing.

Technology for Alzheimer’s

  • The Bridges uses an IN2L monitor which is a large-screen computer with over 4,000 programs designed specifically for seniors including persons with Alzheimer’s disease. Residents love using this screen to play brain quizzes, and karaoke, watch films and classic TV shows, & even explore different countries around the world through slide shows & music. In addition, there are wireless headphones for residents that are hard of hearing which allows them to participate in all activities.

1:1 Behavior Management

  • The staff has been trained to use 1:1 care techniques when residents experience sundowner syndrome or have behavior issues. This entails using a kind, compassionate voice, & simple step-by-step instructions which help the resident achieve whatever task they are trying to accomplish.

Designed for Alzheimer’s Care

  • The Bridges layout & floor plan was specifically designed with Alzheimer’s care in mind. There are four wings with approximately 11 rooms per wing that allow our staff to provide specialized care to residents based on their current cognition level.