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The Bridges at Edinburg offers a quality senior housing and care option, with a special focus on promoting and supporting wellness, dignity, respect, and independence, for those served.


We are a community of professional caregivers dedicated to providing a warm, safe and secure environment, where residents can live their lives to the fullest.


It has been said that, without respite, the caregiver becomes the second victim of the disease. Since we understand this, we want our family members to feel confident that their loved ones are in good hands, without having to experience the physical and mental exhaustion that comes with caring for a family member at home.

What Makes The Bridges at Edinburg Different?

Superb Reputation for Quality of Care

The Bridges at Edinburg enjoys a superb reputation for the quality of care. Over 80% of new residents are referred to us by existing residents or their families. Check out our Google Reviews.

Air Purification System

An “IWAVE” air purification system has been installed in both of our buildings. This IWAVE system is a self-cleaning, bi-polar ionization generator for actively treating a building’s air quality by:
• Killing mold, bacteria and viruses.
• Reducing allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and other airborne particles.
• And is the same technology used in hospitals and even the White House to clean the air constantly in order to remove particles and droplets BEFORE they can spread.

Plentiful Activities and Interaction

The Bridges at Edinburg has two activity programs, one in Memory Care and another for Traditional Care.


The Bridges has built a new “Clubhouse” built specifically for resident activities. This is a 2,000 square foot building with a 70 in screen that contains over 4,000 programs specifically for seniors:
• Music and hymns
• Brain games to stimulate the mind including “How much did it cost?”
• Movies and TV shows from the 50s, 60s, and 70s
• Art
• Occupational therapy
• Training programs for staff

There is a piano and sound system for parties. Finally, this is where the residents get together to play cards, dominoes, and generally have parties.

Less Expensive than Other Assisted Living Homes

The Bridges at Edinburg costs less than other assisted living homes. We charge a FIXED fee per month, even when residents progress in their needs. Other assisted living facilities charge “a la carte,” meaning they start with a base charge, and increase their monthly fees as resident’s needs increase.

Locally Owned

Being locally owned and operated allow us to work in a more personalized way with our residents and their families, to meet their individual and financial needs.

Only one block away from Edinburg Regional Medical Center

Emergencies can be met more efficiently.

Signature Programs

Circle of Joy & Music Program

Music opens reasons to live…

Circle of Joy

This is an active music-making program that gives our residents the opportunity to express strong emotions, display individuality and flare, and engage with fellow residents.

Where no words are needed…

Visual Arts

The imagination and creativity of older adults can flourish in later life, helping them to realize unique potentials. Art experiences can supply them meaning and purpose in supportive, nonthreatening ways. Our classes are designed to work with each one of our seniors according to their skill level.


What I like about calling The Bridges my home is that here I feel I can do the same things I used to do at my own home, but with the help I need on my daily living activities. I really enjoy to play my trombone for my friends that live and work here as well.

- John Jackson

I love the cheerfulness and cleanliness of The Bridges. My husband likes the kindness of all the CNA’s that takes care of him. There are a lot of activities to be involved in and Angie is an amazing Activity Director. She makes sure the Residents have always something to do. I know that if my husband Charlie needs something, they will be on top of it and they will get it done! It feels so homey, that I would like to move in.

- Kathy Hill

There is only one way to describe The Bridges and that is: “Home away from home” with loving care givers like family. New friendships happen as we get involved in planned activities. There is so much to appreciate daily, so much to share that makes us smile.

- Katie Beane

The Bridges had become the home that I was looking for. The staff feels like Family. I love the way they take care of us and the services they provide. I really enjoy the daily activities because I get to interact and play with other Residents like chess, dominoes and Wii bowling tournaments. This is the best assisted living I have ever lived in!

- Raymond Dudden

I’ve been living at The Bridges for one year, and I’m extremely happy to call this place home. I enjoy the meals, and I feel very well taken care of 24 hours a day. The staff is wonderful, and I can feel their sincere love for all the residents. I enjoy participating in art, and the Circle of Joy. I also like the music and shows we sometimes get. Overall my stay has been fantastic, and I definitely recommend this place. My fellow Residents are wonderful people, and we have a great time together. We have everything we need, and more!

- Matilde Guerra

I’ve been living at The Bridges at Edinburg for a little bit over a year and a half. I love living here, for the place is extremely comfortable. This is my home, and everyone here is my Family. The care and attention we receive is second to none, and I feel extremely safe, and in the best hands with the wonderful staff we have he. All of the activities are fun, but December was lovely. We had a lot of parties, musicals, concerts, and it was unforgettable.
I also enjoy the outings such as when we go to the museum, or a restaurant. The activities in-house are also wonderful, I love playing Bingo, and enjoy The Circle of Joy. I recommend the Assisted Living Home to anyone needing care, and look forward to joining our big family.

- Beverly Bowen

I have been living at The Bridges at Edinburg for 14 months, and I’m happy to call this place home. I get assisted with everything I need by the wonderful staff that works here everyday, always with a big smile. I think they have hired the most professional group of people with a lot of love in their hearts to take care of us. What I love most about this place, is that there’s always something to do, and an activity to look forward to. I particularly enjoy The Circle of Joy where we get to sing, dance, and have a wonderful time with my fellow Residents. The meals are fantastic, breakfast being my favorite! What can I say, I love this place, and I recommend it to anyone needing Assisted Living.

- Dionicio Villarreal

I’ve lived at The Bridges at Edinburg for a little bit over two years. I can say it’s been wonderful, comfortable, and memorable. The home is very cozy, the staff is wonderful, and the care they provide is magnificent. I particularly enjoy the meals, and snacks we get throughout the day, and the vast amount of activities we get to do each day. Painting is my all-time favorite activity, and I also enjoy when we get to exercise out in the garden. I would definitely recommend The Bridges Assisted Living Homes to everyone needing Assisted Living.

- Tico Elizondo

The Bridges at Edinburg is really nice. The people are so generous, kind, and very accommodating. If you ask for anything, they always make sure to give if to you, and they always volunteer to lend a helping hand with a big smile on their face.
The food is delicious, and there is always something interesting to do here. From all the lovely activities, my favorite is art!
I like the other residents, and I enjoy being with them. There is always something to look forward to. I can’t think of another place I’d rather be.

- Evaline J. Phipps

I’ve been living at The Bridges at Edinburg for six months now. I’m extremely happy and grateful to be here because I feel protected 24 hours a day. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and accommodating. They know what they’re doing, and they take great pleasure doing it, which is reflected on the quality of service us residents receive. My favorite activity is art class! I could do it everyday for many hours at a time. I also enjoy walking through the beautiful garden, and the meals are delightful.

- Elvia Beaman

I’ve been living at The Bridges at Edinburg for over three months, and I’ve loved it since the very first moment. The care and attention each and everyone receives here is superb, and the staff is always nice. I appreciate the fact that they’re always in a good mood and are very accommodating to our needs. I’m still getting used to all of the activities that happen here, but so far my favorite is Art. I also enjoy the vast amount of books that the home has in store for us to enjoy. There’s never a dull moment, and I certainly recommend it!

- Alberto Felici

I’ve been with the Bridges at Edinburg for almost a year, and it has been a wonderful experience since day one. Both the home and the staff are world class, plus the meals are delicious! I enjoy every day for there’s always a fun activity to look forward to. I also enjoy spending some time in the garden looking at the beautiful flowers we got here. Moving to The Bridges has been a great decision, I’m extremely happy to live here.

- Ruby Neely

I’ve been living at The Bridges at Edinburg for a little bit over a year. I can say the home is clean, convenient, and cozy. The staff is very proffesional, and they sure take great care of us. They prepare wonderful meals, and plan a vast number of activities to keep us entertained. I have been enjoying my stay since day one.

- Mary Reed

I like living at The Bridges because it feels homey, and convenient. I find the home to be clean, comfortable, and there are plenty of activities to keep us entertained. The food here is great, and the staff is friendly and very professional. I can honestly say I’m happy here.

- Jackie Rye

One of the things I love most about living here is the relationship I’ve developed with the staff. I feel as if they were my nieces, and I treat them that way because they treat me like family.

- Bud Vicars

I like living at The Bridges because the staff is very accommodating, the place is very comfortable, and there are plenty of places to be at within the facility. I also like that there are plenty of activities each day where we get to exercise, sing, and create art.

- Norman Pfeffer

My favorite part about living at The Bridges is the personalities, everything feels personal around here, everyone is so wonderful. My favorite is Angie, she’s the best. I feel like she knows everyone everywhere, she brings the most fun for us, and I love it. Everyone always has time to listen.

- Dionicio Villarreal

Here at The Bridges at Edinburg, the staff is very nice and friendly. The food is very good and tasty. When I’m not feeling well, they take good care of me, but at the same time they respect my privacy when I don’t want to be bothered. It is very good to be here! It’s like home!

- Anna Peterson

Not being a native to the area when it came time to find our 96 year old mom a new, safe place to live, it was a bit daunting. With the help of the internet and the newspaper we decided to tour the “Bridges at Edinburg”.
We were so pleased on our first visit that we decided that Bridges is the place that we wanted our mom to be. Everyone is so caring. The whole facility is very clean, well-kept and the food is excellent. Mom is always busy and everything is well organized. We feel very comfortable with our choice and would strongly encourage anyone who needs a “new home” for a loved one to consider “The Bridges.”

- Daughters of Ida Germain

Since I arrived here, I’ve been very happy. The people I live with are very friendly and always want to help. I remember how wonderful I felt at our Easter celebration, there I was, standing at the Piñata with a stick in my hand and everybody began shouting, “Tony, Tony!” to bring it down. This motivation is what I receive daily at The Bridges. We are like a big family.

- Tony Aguirre

I remember the day that the doctors told me that my mother could no longer live by herself. When mother was released from the hospital, we took her to “The Bridges at Edinburg” and placed her in their care. At first, Margie Smith did not want to be there. She wanted to go home! It has been nine months that mom has been at her “new home” and today, she loves it. The staff is wonderful and I never have to worry if my mother is being taken care of. The food is excellent and there are always plenty of activities to participate in. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to each and every person who helps in the care of Margie Smith. You are a blessing sent from GOD to us. May God continue to bless you is our prayer.

- Dr. Ron & Lou Ann Smith

I returned to The Bridges at Edinburg when I realized that I did need assistance, my mind changed and I knew I was at the right place. I love the staff in here and the things that I can do. I hope I can stay a long time. It´s just so perfect, it´s a little country setting, surrounded by city. Country and cozy. This is my family, this is my home.

- Beverly Bowel

“I love the friendly people and how they are interested in all of my concerns. I love winning at bingo. I have found the staff very helpful. They are not pushy meaning if I don’t want to participate in an event, they don’t make me. We have a lot of activities here at the Bridges. We are kind of like a city within a city!

- Thelma Harris

I like the respect and privacy that the staff gives me. They are always there when I need them. I love the Circle of Joy. I believe it is neat to exercise, sing and share my feelings at each session.

- Ruby Neely

First of all, The Bridges at Edinburg is on one floor, that helps. This is wonderful. We have a little garden out there, it’s nice to look at it from inside, but I can go out and get in it. I like the water fountains. People, it’s a pretty damn place for people. The people who live here, and the people who work here. It’s a great place to be. We get three great meals a day, plus the ice cream and desserts. We get church, it comes to us, and I’m so pleased. We have entertainment, like the birds. We have things that make us feel alive. The staff knows how to bring out the young parts of us. I feel safe, the family feels safe. There’s enough room here to move around, there are enough things to do. I’m quite content, it is so comfortable in here.

- Mrs. Dee

"Residents have received their Second COVID-19 Vaccine! We will be re-opening visitation hours on February 10th. Call for details."